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D-1 — The 4 Levels of Science

MP3, 24 hrs, 1967–68, London, England

Max Kappeler

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Divine Being, God, can be scientifically understood only when we learn how the infinite One interprets itself through the 4 levels of Science according to its divine laws of translatability. We must evolve from a metaphysical outlook to the standpoint of Science, where consciousness no longer looks “up to” Principle, but “out from” Principle, which knows only its own realm of ideas. When our consciousness touches Science, we become aware of the 4 levels of Science given in Science and Health: Christian Science, absolute Christian Science, divine Science, and Science itself. With each level of Science, the form of consciousness changes, different questions are dealt with, varying phenomena appear, and fundamental problems such as evil, matter, and healing are resolved.

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