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C-2SP — CH. IV, Christian Science versus Spiritualism: The Christian Science Textbook: A workshop on text-interpretation

MP3, 17 hrs, 1985, Bethlehem, PA

Max Kappeler

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The method of scientific text-interpretation yields the comprehensive structure of Chapter IV,Christian Science versus Spiritualism. Spirit is seen to be the overall tone of the chapter. Spirit, God, handles the belief in spiritualism&mdahs;gross materialism. Mrs. Eddy states: “Spiritualism would transfer men from the spiritual sense of existence back into its material sense. This gross materialism is scientifically impossible, since to infinite Spirit there can be no matter” (S&H 75:8). The chapter is divided into three parts: Part I (Soul & Life), analyzing error, Part II (Mind & Truth), uncovering error, and Part III (Spirit & Love), annihilating error.

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