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C-1SP — CH. IV, Christian Science versus Spiritualism: The Structure of the Christian Science Textbook—Our Way of Life

MP3, 21 hrs, 1958, London, England

Max Kappeler

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In Chapter IV, Christian Science versus Spiritualism, we find that Spirit, God, is the overall tone of the entire chapter. It teaches that Spirit is the only reality, that so-called matter is unreal, and that the belief in matter must be handled scientifically and spiritually. Spiritualism, in its broadest sense, is dualism; it is the belief that Spirit and matter cooperate, which is gross materialism. This chapter explains how to handle the universal belief in materiality (unreality). Part I (Soul & Life) analyzes what is real and what is unreal. Part II (Mind & Truth) shows that the Mind of Christ uncovers a wrong state of mind. Part III (Spirit & Love) postulates that the final spiritualization of all things is the plan of Love—the complete disappearing of all inharmonies before the supremacy of Spirit.

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