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C-1B — CH. X, Science of Being: The Structure of the Christian Science Textbook—Our Way of Life

MP3, 23 hrs, 1978, Wilmington, DE

Max Kappeler

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In Chapter X, The Science of Being, we are confronted with the warfare between idea and illusion, reality and unreality. Part I shows how ideas dissolve false beliefs (the dissolving of latent error). Part II shows how the belief that man is mortal yields to the divine fact that man is immortal (the dissolving of concrete error, the Adam-dream). Mrs. Eddy shows us the great importance of Part III, “The Platform,” in this way: “When the following platform is understood and the letter and the spirit bear witness, the infallibility of divine metaphysics will be demonstrated” (S&H 330:8). The Platform informs us of the dynamics of the Christ-idea, and shows why an idea can cause the disappearance of a false belief.

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