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C-1R — CH. XIV, Recapitulation: The Structure of the Christian Science Textbook—Our Way of Life

MP3, 18 hrs, 1980, Elizabethtown, PA

Max Kappeler

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Chapter XIV, Recapitualtion, explains how divine Principle expresses itself through a scientific system of metaphysics. Science has a Christ, and the office of the Christ within Science is to reduce or translate the divine Principle to a system of ideas which can be taught, learned, demonstrated, and lived. In its first form, this chapter appeared as a separate booklet entitled “The Science of Man,” and was used by Mrs. Eddy for Class Instruction. Here Mrs. Eddy expounds the divine Principle and its operation that underlies every single chapter in the Textbook. This chapter has a very symmetrical layout. The 24 questions and answers are divided into four groups of six questions and answers each. We find that there are six questions and answers that depict the Word, six the Christ, six Christianity, and six Science.

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